4 guides that will help improve your digital security

ExpressVNPHow to improve your digital security

The ExpressVNP blog features advice, explanations, reviews, information security updates, online privacy, politics, ExpressVNP products, and all the things about which we are passionate.

Some things, however, don’t easily fit here, often because they’re too long or detailed. Most of this long-form content finds its home in the Internet Privacy pages.

With Safer Internet Day just around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to highlight all of our internet privacy and security guides.

Tech safety for survivors of domestic violence

Technology is often used by abusers to monitor, track, stalk, and control their victims. But technology is also a tool to defend against abuse and allows people to maintain an important lifeline to supporting family, friends, and organizations.

The guide has five sections:

  1. How to trust your devices in an abusive home
  2. Online accounts and your data
  3. Communications
  4. Achieving financial independence
  5. An introduction to TAILS and how it can help you

How to defend against online stalkers and doxing

This guide covers the benefits of pseudonymity and discusses threats to your location and legal name.

Threats not only come from people we know, but also from the people we meet online. To protect our readers against unwanted harassment online becoming a physical threat we have published our guide against online stalkers and doxing.

Protect your financial privacy with Bitcoin: A comprehensive guide

Bitcoin is often criticized for both being too anonymous and for not being anonymous enough. In this guide, we explain how Bitcoin works from a privacy perspective and what methods there are to de-anonymize your transactions.

This guide contains step-by-step instructions on how to make anonymous payments with Bitcoin.

Everything you ever needed to know about mobile security

Your mobile phone is always with you. It contains information about where you are and where you have been, who you have contacted, plus private photos and financial information.

The ExpressVNP mobile security guide discusses everything from how a telco or government can triangulate your location to how to secure your mobile apps and phone.

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